*Pre order* SilverHawks Ultimates Action Figure Buzz-Saw 20 cm


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No matter how you slice it, the sentient war-machine Buzz-Saw is a cut above the rest of the henchmen in Mon*Star's Mob. This cartoon-accurate, made-to-order 8" fully articulated Buzz-Saw ULTIMATES! figure comes with interchangeable heads and hands and a variety of accessories, including his bird companion, Shredator! Kick off your SilverHawks collection with Buzz-Saw and the rest of the first wave of ULTIMATES! Figures!


- 3 x Interchangeable Heads
- 4 x Interchangeable Hands
- 2 x Pull Handles
- 1 x Arm Cannon
- 1 x Blaster
- 1 x Shredator