Man Of Steel Play Arts Kai vol. 2 JOR-EL 10-inch Action Figure

Play Arts Kai

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The Play Arts -Kai- Superman legacy continues with the last remnants of a dead world; Jor-El and Faora-Ul!  Written and produced by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder, Man of Steel captured audience's imaginations, reinvigorating the public's interests in one of the most iconic heroes ever to become part of pop-culture.  To celebrate the monumental film, Square Enix has worked tirelessly to replicate each actor's appearance on screen, down to sculpting the fibers on the costume!  To further ensure the authenticity of this release, Jor-El comes with detachable back armor, a removable cape, interchangeable hands, and a Kryptonian rifle. Faora-Ul also enjoys the same attention to detail, including interchangeable hands, a removable cape, and her.  Both figures include a display stand which can be used to create a variety of action poses from the film.  Don't miss out on these two Kryptonians, for once they sell out, only their legacy will remain.