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Thundercats Ultimates Action Figure Wave 5 Lion-O (Mirror) 18 cm

Thundercats Ultimates Action Figure Wave 5 Lion-O (Mirror) 18 cm

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"It has my strength. My cunning. It is my equal in every way!" Lion-O finds out the hard way that an evil mirror image of himself might be his toughest opponent yet! This 7" scale fully articulated ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figure of the mirror Lion-O comes with the tell-tale red costume, along with interchangeable heads & hands as well as multiple accessories, including two different Swords of Omens and four different Claw Shields! With all-new tooling, Mirror Lion-O features pinless elbows and knees. We're often our own worst enemies, but in Lion-O's case that's definitely literally true! You're not seeing double, but you will want to see the ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Lion-O (Mirror) figure reflected in your collection!


- 2x interchangeable heads
- 8x interchangeable hands
- 2x Sword of Omens
- 4x Claw Shield

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