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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Warpaints Guildball paint set

The Army Painter - Warpaints Guildball paint set

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So you think you have what it takes to make something of yourself in the Empire of Free Cities, eh Rookie? Heh, You've got a lot to learn then... Take your first steps on the road to greatness by licking your team into shape and getting match-ready with these 16 specially selected paints, specially selected to bring out the best from the Brewers and Masons!


1x Match Tan Paint
1x Shadow Like Paint
1x Goal Line White Paint
1x Veteran's Plate Paint
1x Granite Grey Paint
1x Raedlander Red Paint
1x Pigskin Brown Paint
1x Old Boots Paint
1x True Grit Paint
1x Skaldic Black Paint
1x Trophy Silver Paint
1x Mason Blue Paint
1x Mald Blonde Paint
1x Castellyain Tan Paint
1x Old Jake's Paint
1x First Lady Paint
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