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The Harrowing Of Doom: Marvel Untold - EN

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Our thrilling new line bringing new tales of Marvel’s Super
Heroes and villains begins with the infamous Doctor Doom
risking all to steal his heart’s desire from the very depths of Hell
Notorious villain Doctor Victor von Doom has finally found a solution for
his oldest obsession: rescuing his mother’s soul from the clutches of Hell.
An alliance with the reclusive sage, Maria von Helm, has provided the key
to Doom’s latest invention. Fusing their super-science and sorcery, Doom
has created the Harrower, a device that will open a rift and wrench his
mother’s soul from the netherworld. Back in the human world, however,
rebel forces threaten to overrun Latveria and topple its dark leader – and
revolution couldn’t come at a more dangerous time than when the gates
of Hell itself have been unlocked.